The Lovebox Pro

The Lovebox can also be integrated into your daily professional life: the applications and uses of the Lovebox Pro are endless, let's find yours!

lovebox pro original company gift

  • A 100% customizable design that reflects your brand identity.
  • An engaging communication channel that unites people remotely: value and take care of your interlocutors thanks to kind-hearted and creative messages.
  • The possibility to buy or to rent Loveboxes Pro !
  • Perfect for: personalised corporate gifts, branded gifts for clients or company holiday gifts.

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    The lovebox within companies

    The Lovebox in corporate companies as a communication tool


    Keeping in touch with your teams and your company has become a must!

    More unique than a common email, the Lovebox is a positive corporate communication tool. With the pro interface, you can use it to encourage and unite your teams, to welcome new employees, to congratulate your best salesman, to announce good news: the next team seminar, the beginning or the end of a new project...You get it, it is the best gifts for employees.

    You can also use it to communicate with your customers, associates, suppliers, partners, remotely or it can also be a corporate gift for clients.


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    The Lovebox as a corporate gift

    The Lovebox is the ideal gift idea, which is sure to make a lasting impression on your employees (corporate holiday gift ideas), partners (corporate gifts), customers(company gift) and suppliers (supplier gift).

    The Lovebox can be offered, for instance, to partners and customers during company events or trade shows. The Lovebox is an original business present, one of the best client gift ideas.

    Some companies have giften them to their employees as a Christmas gift or simply for the pleasure of offering an original and useful personalized gift (company gift, retirement gift, end of year presents, gift for coworkers)

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    The Lovebox in the hotel industry for a fabulous customer experience


    Equipping bed & breakfasts, hotels and Airbnb's with Loveboxes ensures an additional positive customer experience.

    It can be easily controlled remotely by hotel staff via the Lovebox pro interface: you can send messages and special attentions to your customers: a welcome message, photos of places to visit in the area, breakfast times, etc...

    You can also propose to your guests and clients the chance to organize some surprises and special attentions to their loved-ones/family or friends via the Lovebox.

    The Lovebox contributes to customer loyalty and customer retention, provides a unique and original customer journey in the hotel industry. And can be a unique client gift idea!


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    The Lovebox in hospitals/clinics and retirement homes


    Offer the Lovebox option in your rooms to take care of your patients and allow them to be connected with their loved ones!

    The Lovebox enables patients to have a simple and daily connection with their loved ones during their hospitalization. Without having to send a message on their side, they simply receive love via the Lovebox screen.

    The Lovebox enables seniors in retirement homes or nursing homes to receive thoughts and messages from their loved ones, without being technophiles and without the need of technical skills.

    The Lovebox can be a tool against social isolation of the elderly or during a hospitalization.


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    The Lovebox reflects your identity, make it unique!



    In addition to customizing the heart, packaging, and lid of the Lovebox, we can customize your own spiny to any shape you want.

    Tell us how you want to use it, we'll be happy to discuss it with you!

    The Lovebox is 100% customizable: the heart can be customized with your logo, the lid can be engraved to represent your values or your slogan, and the packaging can also be personalized.

    We can also give the Lovebox a piano finish - we can lacquer it in any color you like.



    Prices to buy or rent a Lovebox for my company

    Professionals benefit from PRO rates - contact us to find out more!



    Who can i gift a Lovebox to?

    You can gift the Lovebox to anyone you love: your children, your other half, your best friend, your parents, and your grandparents so they can receive messages from all of their grandchildren. Lovebox is easy to use and allows everyone to stay connected to those they love!

    How many people can be connected to a Lovebox?

    The Lovebox creates an intimate experience where messages can be sent from an unlimited number of loved ones. You can connect as many people as you want and receive infinite love. To do this, communicate the “secret code” available on your Lovebox to all the people you want to send you messages. All they have to do is download the application and add your Lovebox with the secret code.

    What can I send to my lovebox?

    On the Lovebox Color & Photo, you can receive photos, as well as multicolor messages, stickers, and drawings.

    Do I need a internet connection for the Lovebox to work?

    Yes! WiFi provides LoveBox with the internet connection necessary to send and receive love notes in real time. 

    If you live in a place where WiFi goes through a connection portal or if you want to connect the Lovebox to a shared network (in a company or a retirement home for example), we have a solution right here.

    Where can I download the Lovebox app?

    The Lovebox app is available for free:

    How can I offer a Lovebox to someone who lives far away?

    There is no limit distance between the sender and the Lovebox. It does not matter how far you are from it, you will still be able to send messages. If you want to offer the Lovebox to a loved one you can:

    • Get it shipped directly to them
    • Get it shipped to you.

    You can setup the Lovebox with your WiFi connection and send a message on it. Don’t open the lid! Then ship the Lovebox to your loved one. When they will have set it up with their WiFi, they will receive the message you sent before.

    Is it possible to be connected to several lovebox with one app?

    Yes, you can add as many Lovebox as you want.
    If you want to send the same message on two different Lovebox, you have to write it twice. 

    What happens when I sent several messages in a row to a Lovebox?

    The messages will be displayed on the order they have been sent. You can close and open the lid between each messages.

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