What Is a Soulmate?

Ah, you've finally found your soulmate. Or at least you think you have. Or you’re on a mission to. New relationships can be exhilarating and passionate: spending almost every waking moment together. You are constantly texting, calling, and Facetiming. 

When you two aren't together, you are planning the next time to see each other. You wake up thinking about them and go to bed thinking about them. It is an exciting and blissful experience filled with beautiful possibilities for the future. You’ve put your ego aside and found a true spiritual soulmate.

However, we often get so wrapped up in our feelings and emotions that it is hard to identify the red and green flags that guide us in navigating our new romantic interests. It is easy to ignore both the good and bad signs in a new relationship and rely on our feelings alone. It's essential to take time to figure out if you've found someone worthy of your love and attention, and if there are true signs of a soulmate connection.

A soulmate is someone whom you feel deeply connected with both in body and soul. It feels as if you have been missing a part of you all your life, and then suddenly, you found the missing piece. They share the same energy and focus, and there's an attraction there, whether it's emotional, mental, physical, or all three. 

You feel a powerful bond, empathy, compassion. You’ve found your perfect match; the yin to your yang. You’ve learned acceptance for their flaws and they accept yours. Basically, you’re two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. 

Are you wondering if you've met your soulmate?

Lovebox can help!

How To Know You’ve Met Your Soulmate 

Timing is everything when meeting your soulmate. Usually, meeting your soulmate comes at a time when it is a natural, organic fit into each other's lives. You feel an immediate, deep connection that suddenly makes sense in your life. There isn't a dependence or needy feeling, but more of a spiritual connection that helps you grow as a person. 

The concept of soulmates might seem scary or even strange to some. Once you have fulfilled yourself with self-love, you can take on a romantic relationship that takes love to the next level.

One of the first things to do if you've already met someone and you're wondering if they are your soulmate is to define which type of soulmate they may be in your life. Not all soulmate relationships are equal, and not all are for a lifetime. For example, there are romantic love soulmates. There are karmic soulmates. There are soul partners.  

Sometimes your soulmates are in your life for a particular time, and then it is time for you both to move on after you've grown and learned what you needed to. 

Types of Soulmates 

When you think about soulmates, your mind probably jumps to romantic soulmates, but you will encounter several types of soulmates in your life. It's important to know how to identify them. Here at Lovebox, we have identified six types of soulmates to look out for. 

1. Platonic Soulmates 

You know you've found your platonic soulmate when you both have a deep connection and understanding, without feelings of romance or physical attraction. There is a feeling of being linked in an almost spiritual sense, similar to karmic relationships. There is an explicable soul connection that you may have never felt before.  

2. Romantic Soulmates

Ah, romantic soulmates. There's plenty of passion, desire, and physical attraction. It feels like you've waited your entire life to feel this way. And for a good reason! Romantic soulmates provide us with a deep, physical connection that makes it possible to hope we will find the love we deserve. 

Romantic soulmates experience communication deeply. They can easily read each other’s body language or know what a facial expression means. You have a special affinity for each other. 

3.  Companion Soulmates 

Soulmate friends or companion soulmates are what make life sweet. They encourage us, support us, spend time with us, and love (platonically) us for exactly who we are. Their love and encouragement provide us with necessary human connections throughout our life journey. Make it a habit to check in on your companion soulmate and return the love!

4. Kindred Soulmates

Kindred soulmates are like kindred spirits. You probably have identical childhoods, education, and experiences. They 'get' your humor, have the same tastes in books and television shows, and love to travel to the same places as you. 

If you have a bad day, they know just what to do. It's comforting to be in their presence because you are comfortable being you. 

5. Twin Flames

Have you ever experienced an intense connection with someone else's soul that feels as if they are another part of you? For example, you probably met your twin flame. 

Twin flames can sometimes seem like one soul split in half and is now in two separate bodies. Your relationship with your twin flame will always be an emotionally challenging and healing experience. 

Soul Contracts

Finally, the soul contracts. If you've ever met someone and it felt as though you both had a predetermined commitment that you have made to yourselves? Then you probably met someone with the same deep desires as yourself. Of course, it can also be a romantic soulmate, but it doesn't always have to be. 

Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate 

Okay, now we know what types of soulmates we can meet in our lifetime. Relationships can be messy and complicated after the excitement of a new relationship starts wearing away. That is why it is vital to identify the signs of a healthy relationship in the beginning before reality begins. Pay attention to all the flags you can identify—it's critical for a healthy, happy future. 

So, let's dig into the red and green flags that are signs you've met your soulmate

10 Green Flags To Help You Decide if You've Found Your Soulmate 

Is your idea of a healthy relationship one where you are supported and secure? Is it filled with passion, intimacy, and compliments? Determining what you are looking for in a soulmate and what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships are key factors in navigating new romantic interests.

First, let's look at the ten green flags! 

1. You Feel Like You Can Completely Be Yourself 

One of the most critical green flags that guides your new relationship is that you always feel like you can be your genuine and authentic self around your soulmate—even your silly side! There's a mutual feeling of openness and understanding no matter how tired, hungry, or annoyed you are. There are never feelings of judgment or hurtful words spoken to each other.

2. There Is a Mutual Feeling of Trust 

Trust is the glue that holds your relationship together. In a relationship built on trust, you don't need to worry about what’s going on with their phone or friends or coworkers. 

Although it takes time to build trust, it's possible to sense at the beginning of a relationship if there is a foundation for a relationship built on trust. Fortunately, you can usually quickly and easily identify potential trust issues. For example, are they open with their phone? Do they share small details about their day? This identifies if they’re trustworthy.

3. You Understand Each Other’s Point of View 

You may be two separate people, but you can still quickly and easily understand the other person's perspective. There's never frustration over feeling confused or unable to explain yourself or your perspective. The other person just instinctively understands what you are trying to communicate.

4. You Complement Each Other’s Personality and Lives 

One of you may be the life of the party, and the other may be the homebody, but it just fits. You push each other (in a good way!) to experience more in life that you wouldn't have otherwise experienced. You have similar traveling styles and hosting styles. Your personalities go well with each other, and your good qualities are more noticeable when you are both together. 

5. You Share Similar Life Goals 

Pay attention to the other person's life goals at the beginning of the relationship to make sure you both want the same thing in life. Have the difficult conversations early on, so you agree you are going on the same path. Even if you think you know what they want, it's always an essential green flag to make sure you have a shared vision in life and make sure they align with yours. 

For example, are they okay with debt? Do they want to own their own business one day? Do you like to travel, or are you both a homebody? Do you want children? If so, how many do you both want?

6. You Laugh and Smile a Lot Around Them 

You simply enjoy being in their presence. It's a green flag to find yourself laughing, deep belly laughs, and feeling a sense of joy when you're together. When you are around them, you find that laugh and smile more than the part of the day you are apart? Do you smile when you receive a text message from them? 

7. You Feel Challenged and Pushed To Be a Better Person

Maybe you have a passion project you've been working on for years but haven't been able to get it going. A huge green flag in navigating a new relationship is that they challenge you to pursue your passions and dreams and are beside you the whole way. In addition, they are big believers in teamwork and want both of you to follow your dreams. 

8. You Can Share Anything You Think or Feel 

No topics are off-limits for conversation with them. They inspire open and honest communication. Even if you have trouble processing your feelings, they encourage you to share and process feelings together. As a result, you never feel the need to be silent or process your emotions alone. 

9. You Feel Supported and Encouraged 

If you decide to quit on a whim and go into business for yourself, you know they will be your biggest cheerleader. You know you are on the same team and want what's best for the other person. You are both genuinely happy (no feelings of jealousy or unhealthy competitiveness) for each other's successes. 

10. You Feel Safe and Protected 

The number one green flag when navigating new relationships is the feeling of safety and security. Even in the early stages of your relationship, you've felt safe: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You know they care for you and are open to you sharing your emotional experiences with them. You can be as vulnerable as you choose because your vulnerabilities are protected. 

If you can check off all the green flags, that’s wonderful! So, why don’t you send them a personalized love note through our Lovebox, a connected messaging device to deliver a unique expression of affection and tell them how much your soulmate means to you! The surprise Lovebox would be the best gift to surprise them. 

10 Red Flags To Help You Identify That Something Needs To Be Questioned 

Navigating new relationships can be challenging, but through time and experience, it is vital to watch for relational red flags that you can address if need be. The following ten red flags are the most important ones to find clues to what may indicate trouble down the road. 

1. Lack of Trust 

Just like having a feeling of trust is a green flag, having a lack of trust is a major red flag. So, if you are constantly wondering what is on their phone or feeling like you can't trust to share your feelings, vulnerabilities, or upsets, then it might be a red flag for you to address. 

2.  They Are Insecure and Need Constant Reassurance

We all need encouragement from time to time when we are dealing with feelings of insecurity and failure; however, if there is a constant need to get validation and reassurance from you, then that is a red flag. 

3. They Never Apologize 

One of the major red flags to notice in a new relationship is that they never apologize. Check to see if they genuinely apologize when they have hurt your feelings or if there has been a misunderstanding, or do they only roll their eyes—major red flag alert. 

4. They Are Secretive in an Unhealthy Way 

We're all adults, and they don't have to share everything on their phone, but if they are secretive or allusive about the small things such as who they had lunch with and who just tried to call them, then take notice. 

5. They Are Moody or Have Extreme Attitude Shifts at Any Moment 

Moody behavior is a red flag in a new relationship. Although it is normal to have degrees of mood change (we all do!), the abrupt turn at any given moment is a red flag. For example, if you feel unsafe or emotionally exhausted, they might not control their emotions. Not sure if it's extreme or not? Ask yourself if they ever apologize after a mood shift. 

6. You Have Different Work Ethics 

We all have experienced setbacks and sacrifices in life that may have led us to reach our goals later than planned, but if they just can't seem to get it together no matter how much support and encouragement they have, they may have serious problems with their work ethic. If they are unmotivated to achieve anything in life, then you can't change them! 

7. Your Family and Friends Do Not Support the Relationship

As old school as it may seem, if your friends and family aren't on board with your new relationship, there may be a good reason why. Ask them what they think about your partner and see if they can offer any insight on red flags they may have noticed. Friends and family often notice things before we do and can help steer us in the right direction or at least hear what they have to say. 

8. They Want To Rush the Relationship 

If they rush the relationship quicker than you feel comfortable, you may be the rebound, or they may be exhibiting potentially toxic. It is essential to speak up on this red flag because you don't want to get too farther in the relationship than you want. 

9. They Exhibit Controlling Behavior 

If your new partner tries to create drama between you and other people close to you in your life, then take note of this red flag. Another form of control that is a red flag in your relationship with a potential soulmate is if they ask to access your text messages, Instagram messages, or social media accounts. You want to be able to check your messages in peace and be in control of your life.

10. Abusive Behavior 

If there is any type of abusive behavior, including verbal abuse, giving you anxiety, or even putting you down or making fun of you in private and public, then get out now. They may need to see a therapist, but it’s not on you to stay while they get help.

You want to be aware of emotional, mental, physical, or verbal abuse early in the relationship because abusive behavior is the number one red flag on our list. 


Finding your soulmate is an exhilarating experience! It’s all exciting and new. Timing is everything, and when you’ve found the person you feel an immediate deep connection to, it’s lovely! There are six soulmates to be on the lookout for, including platonic, romantic, companion, kindred, twin flame, and soul contracts. 

Once you’ve established, it’s a romantic soulmate you’ve met. There are 10 red and green flags to be aware of when you’re navigating a new relationship. Remember, it's essential to take time to figure out if you've found someone worthy of your love and attention! 


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