What Is a Platonic Soulmate?

Often the term soulmate refers to a romantic relationship in our society. A soulmate is simply someone you share a deep, profound connection with and makes you feel complete. Many people view their soulmate as the person they eventually marry and have kids with, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, you may have several ‘platonic soulmates’ throughout your life’s journey. Of course, platonic may mean the absence of romance. However, there are still plenty of feelings of validation you would find in a romantic relationship, including love, safety, security, and self-worth. In addition, you and your platonic soulmate connect energy, purpose, and attraction (sans romance). 

Let’s dive in! 

What a Platonic Soulmate Isn’t 

First, before we define the term ‘platonic soulmate,’ it is essential that we understand what a platonic soulmate isn’t. It can be confusing at first, especially between the opposite sex, to know if the relationship is a platonic soulmate, a romantic partner, or a friend with mutual interests and attraction. Still, neither of you want to be romantic partners. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what a platonic soulmate isn’t

  •     A friend with benefits
  •     A fling
  •     Someone you have friend-zoned 
  •     Someone they have friend-zoned
  •     A rebound partner
  •     A crush 

A platonic soulmate isn’t someone you have turned down romantically, or they have turned down romantically but still want to be in their life. The foundation of a platonic soulmate is that you do have boundaries and do not want to pursue each other in romantic intimacy. 

Now that we know what a platonic soulmate isn’t, let’s look at what a platonic soulmate is!

Defining the Term ‘Platonic Soulmate’ 

So, how do we define the term ‘platonic soulmate’? 

A soulmate can mean any form of a strong connection you may feel with someone. It can be for a short period of time, or it can be throughout a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you and your soulmate feel ‘linked’ in some way. 

A ‘platonic soulmate’ is a feeling of deep connection and understanding, without the romance typically associated with the term soulmate. Consequently, platonic soulmates offer each other a soul connection that goes beyond feelings of friendship. 

It is almost as if you have been missing a piece of your soul, and then when you meet your platonic soulmate, you are complete. 

Keep reading if you’re wondering if it’s genuinely possible to be ‘platonic soulmates!’

Are Platonic Soulmates Really Possible?

In short, absolutely! 

A platonic soulmate truly is a deep, trusting, almost spiritual connection. A connection so powerful it almost seems spiritual in nature. You think, talk, and process almost everything the same way! Platonic soulmates are an essential part of life because there aren’t feelings of romantic expectation to complicate your relationship possibly.

Although, from time to time, feelings of attraction may occur, a true platonic soulmate remains linked in a way that goes beyond romantic relationships. It is an effortless connection where you feel attracted to each other, but it never turns toward romance. 

Are you wondering if you’ve found your platonic soulmate? 

Keep reading! We at Lovebox have researched 21 signs to help you find out! 

21 Signs You’ve Found Your Platonic Soulmate 

By now, we’ve defined a platonic soulmate and found it possible to have one or several in life. You may think there are many similarities between your soulmate and your platonic soulmate, which is true to some degree. 

However, signs you have found your platonic soulmate revolve around feelings of mutual trust, love, commitment, and satisfaction, without romantic attraction. So now, what are the signs to look for if you think you’ve found your platonic soulmate?

Let’s find out! 

1. You are Always There for Each Other 

One of the number signs you’ve found a platonic soulmate is that you are always there for each other no matter how busy or demanding your schedule may be. You know when you call, they will always answer and be a listening ear or an encouraging voice. 

Or maybe you need space to process something in your life. They will give you the space you need when you need it and be there for you when you are ready. If you’re going through a complex or emotionally challenging situation, they’ll be there for you. Platonic soulmates know what you need when you need it without you having to ask. 

2. You Two Have Your Own Language

If someone else was in your conversation, they might need an interpreter because you and your platonic soulmate have created your own language with movie or television quotes, funny sayings, or made-up words only you two know the meaning behind. But, on the other hand, it’s easy for you to talk to your platonic soulmate because you don’t constantly have to explain your favorite movie lines or have to clarify yourself to other people in conversation. Therefore, it is easy to communicate with them and for them to communicate with you. 

3.  You Get Each Other’s Humor 

The only thing worse than someone not laughing at your joke is having them ask you to explain it. It’s not that way with your platonic soulmate. They just ‘get’ your humor. They will start laughing at your joke before you even finish telling it! 

They know your best punch lines and still laugh every time. Your sarcasm never goes over their head. It doesn’t matter if it is a good joke or not: you always get a hearty laugh from your platonic soulmate. 

4. You Can Sit in Silence and It Not Be Awkward

Silence is never an issue in your relationship. A lot of time with other people, long moments of silence can be awkward and uncomfortable. Not with your platonic soulmate! 

Every moment, even in silence, is comfortable and natural. There is never a need to fill the silence with unnecessary chatter or conversation. You are both just happy and content being in each other’s presence. 

5. You Can Always Be Yourself

No matter how goofy, or annoying, or messy you feel, you can always be yourself! You never feel as if you need to change who you are or your humor or your taste in music. You can be as silly as you want. 

They would never say anything about you changing who you are or anything about you. They like you for you! They don’t want you to change because being yourself is how you are both connected in the first place. 

6. You Help Each Other Grow and Learn 

You both have different experiences and backgrounds, so there’s plenty to still learn from each other. You may be platonic soulmates and have a lot in common, but there’s always something to learn from each other. 

Whatever you are going through in life, they are always there with a wise word or an answer you hadn’t previously considered. You both learn and grow just by simply being in each other’s lives.

7. You Support Each Other Through Thick and Thin 

Going through hard times is often the determining factor in whether or not a friendship will survive. Not with a platonic soulmate! You always support each other no matter how hard the times may be for one or both of you. 

Life is hard. There are job changes, relationship changes, aging parents, and financial crises. But you know they will be there with you and stay with you until the end no matter what. 

Good news is even more remarkable when you share it with them, and bad news is never as bad as it seems because they are always there to support you and cheer you up. A tell-tale sign is that a platonic soulmate is usually more excited for you than you are of yourself! As it should be!

8. You Never Feel Judged  

You know, no matter how much you have messed up or what pickle you’ve gotten yourself into, you can always share with your platonic soulmate because they always have your back. Nothing is embarrassing or too difficult to share. You are comfortable sharing the uncomfortable parts of your life. 

9. You Came Into Each Other’s Life at the Right Time 

It was as if fate brought you two together at just the right moment in both of your lives. You realize later that they showed up at the exact moment you needed each other and now couldn’t imagine life without them! 

They may have had a lesson to teach you or have been supportive figures at just the right time. And you may have done the same for them!

10. You Are Each Other’s Number One Cheerleader 

When something exciting happens in your life, you can’t wait to share it with your platonic soulmate! They are the first person to stand and clap for you on the sidelines of life. 

Even if you are both competitive by nature, there’s never been an issue of jealousy or unhealthy competitiveness in your relationship. The thought doesn’t even cross your mind. 

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11. You Have the Same Taste in Food 

If you plan a meal or get to the restaurant first, you don’t even need to ask them what they like. You already know what to order, how they like their burger cooked, and that they always want their salad dressing on the side. You never have to worry that they will make crab cakes when you are going over for dinner because they don’t like crab either! 

12. You Always Have Something To Talk About 

You never run out of things to talk about with your platonic soulmate. You probably even have a list made ahead of time of all the things you want to talk about before you get together because there’s just so much you both want to say!

You share everything, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem to other people in your life. Even if you spilled your coffee on your way to work!

13. You Never Feel Alone

The connection you have with your platonic soulmate gives you a sense of belonging and acceptance. In other words, you never feel alone in life or out of place. No matter where you go in the world, having the comfort and security of your relationship gives you a place to always feel at home. 

14. You Know Everything About Each Other 

In your platonic soulmate relationship, you know everything about each other, but in a good way! You never buy them something they already have for a gift, and you always know what they want. 

You know all their embarrassing high school stories and who they took to prom. You find it comforting to know someone so well and for them to know you. 

15. You Get Asked Why You Two Aren’t Dating 

If your platonic soulmate is of the opposite sex, your friends and family constantly ask why you aren’t romantically involved. It’s a natural assumption to make because you and your platonic soulmate are deeply connected and get along together so well. However, you don’t feel that way about each other. 

You constantly have to tell them that you aren’t romantically attracted to each other, and, in fact, you tend to shudder at the thought. That is a good sign your special someone is your platonic soulmate! 

16. You Feel Like Their Family Is Your Family and Vice Versa

Your grandma always gives them a card and money on their birthday, and their dad helped you move into your last apartment. It’s like having an extended family for every holiday and birthday. 

No matter how eccentric your family can be, you know your platonic soulmate considers them family as well. Both of your families know you’re a packaged deal!

17. You Feel at Ease Around Them

You never experience feelings of anxiety or stress when you are around your platonic soulmate. Instead, there’s always a sense of calm and acceptance. You embrace each other’s faults and failures, knowing each other is worth more than what the world sees. They are a safe haven in a chaotic world. 

18. You Always Make Time for Each Other 

You both prioritize your time with each other and know that no matter what, they will be just a phone, text, or Uber ride away. So, if either of you just needs to chat, run errands, or sit with your mom in the hospital, you know you will never go alone. 

You know the other person will always be there for you. Time is a precious gift to give each other, which makes platonic soulmates such as a special relationship. As a result, you feel important and a priority, which is how it is supposed to be!

19. You Never Question Their Loyalty 

You might have people talk about you behind your back or have people not understand something you go through, but no matter what happens, you know your platonic soulmate has your back! They would never talk wrong about you. You always stand up for each other when the other person isn’t around. 

20. You Know Distance Is Never an Issue 

Distance never has and never will be an issue with your platonic soulmate. Your connection is too strong for anything to happen between you two. 

You know that you both plan your vacations and weekends to travel to see each other or meet in the middle. If distance doesn’t come between you and your long-distance platonic soulmate, then nothing will!

21. You Feel a Piece of You Is Missing When You Are Apart 

Whether it is just a few hours or a few weeks, life seems to be missing something when they aren’t around. Regardless of how long it has been since you’ve seen each other, you probably send numerous texts, emails, and FaceTime. 

Depending on how far away they live or how long it has been since you’ve seen them, you may also send snail mail and postcards to each other. 

Another great way to always stay connected with your platonic soulmate is through Lovebox’s messaging box that pairs with a free app to send little notes, drawings, or stickers to send each other when distance and time separate you. Lovebox is perfect for letting them know you think of them when you get up and go to bed!  

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A platonic soulmate is a unique, bonding relationship. It is possible not to be romantically involved with someone and still feel a deep connection and feeling of understanding. Remember, a platonic soulmate is not a friend with benefits, someone either of you has friend-zoned, a rebound, or a crush. 

Instead, they’re a unique person in your life. You know you both make each other a priority and spend time together. As a result, you connect energy, purpose, and attraction. 


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