What Does Love Feel Like?

Have you been daydreaming a lot more lately? Can’t stop thinking about someone special recently? Do you find yourself imagining what it would be like to have a future with the person you’ve been seeing? You may be experiencing the first few feelings of falling in love. Get ready; you’re in for a wild ride! 

We’ve always had an idea in our heads of what we would feel when we were falling in love. But, as we’ve been in and out of relationships and gotten older, it is harder to pinpoint when we’re experiencing feelings of love and when it’s just infatuation (or even lust!). It’s so easy to believe in love at first sight or love at first connection, yet are those feelings of euphoria and not true love? 

Our emotions can sometimes get away from us and we can find ourselves with so many feelings. And we tend to experience them all at the same time. It can be challenging to determine what we are feeling is true love. 

Lovebox came up with 17 signs you can look at to help you take your time and discover if you are mutually falling in love with your partner. 

Let’s dive in!

What Does True Love Actually Feel Like?

You meet someone you find attractive. Uh oh. You get each other’s sense of humor. Double uh oh. You find yourself daydreaming about them all the time. Then you start thinking, “Maybe this is what true love feels like?” 

It’s an important question. We all have different ideas of what love is supposed to feel like, but we can try to understand what falling in love feels like for most of us and if it’s true love.

Keep reading to discover the signs of what love feels like

17 Tell Tale Signs To Know What Love Feels Like

We all experience different feelings and emotions, which is entirely normal! But usually, there are a few proven signs that can help you understand whether or not you love someone and if that feeling is mutual. 

There are many intense feelings at the start of the relationship, the honeymoon phase, but if it is feelings of true love, then they will continue at least for a while. They will most likely change over time, and, again, it is entirely normal. Once your relationship settles down, it is more of a steady feeling of deep love and attraction instead of feeling everything all at once. 

When you first meet your partner, it’s good to know how your feelings could change to know what to expect. But, regardless of the change that might occur when you fall, both are exciting and beautiful times! 

Here are 17 signs to recognize the feelings you’ve been feeling are true love. 

1. Risk Is Not a Factor for You 

You even enjoy the risk that is involved in a new relationship. Questions like will it last or am I just opening up myself emotionally to get hurt aren’t risks when experiencing true love. Love makes you feel comfortable opening yourself up emotionally and exposing your vulnerabilities without fear of being indeed seen and understood. 

You may still know love is quite the risk, but it’s one you’re always willing to take when you’re experiencing the feelings of true love. You may get heartbroken, but when you’re in the middle of the real deal, it doesn’t matter!

2. Everything Just Feels Right 

Love feels like everything is perfectly falling in place. Sure, there are still uncertainties and day-to-day worries and frustrations, but your life has purpose and meaning when you are in love. 

Of course, it isn’t always easy, and you know that there are still tough times, but it always feels like that’s where you should be. You know you’re in the right relationship and that your feelings of love and commitment will get you through. 

3. You Feel Relationship Anxiety (But in a Good Way!)

When you start a new relationship, and everything is going well, you may begin to ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing or if you’re in the right relationship. That’s normal! Relationship anxiety is a real thing and quite common at the beginning of a new relationship. 

You feel more emotional. You feel more sensitive. You feel everything all at once! Loving someone and putting expectations on someone is hard. Love feels a lot like losing your balance in life. Maybe you’re afraid of something going wrong, or perhaps you’re scared of everything going right, and now you’ve found your person in life. 

4. It’s More Than Lust

Love does require physical attraction but not always lust. Lust and infatuation will fade the longer you are with someone. But the deep, emotional connection of love will remain long after physical attraction has faded. 

Passion and desire are still an essential part of the relationship; however, you just know you feel more than a fling. Lust cannot sustain a relationship, but feelings of love and emotional connection will last long after the honeymoon phase ends.

5. You Feel a Deep Commitment 

The feeling of love is more than just a feeling. It’s also a choice. When you consciously commit to your partner, you’ve committed to the good and the bad. With love comes a deep feeling of emotional attachment that you know will change your life. You’ll embrace whatever comes your way because you will be in it together. 

Choosing to commit to your partner means going beyond lust and infatuation. You recognize once you reach the point where committing to your partner doesn’t seem scary or frightening, then your feelings of love alone can overcome anything you face. Committing to love is intentional and focused. You know what you are doing, and you’re okay with it. 

6. You Want to Give More Than Get 

It’s easy to be selfish when you’re single. But the moment you are willing to want to give your time, attention, and focus to someone more than you want to get from them, then you know you’re in love. 

You want your partner to be happy. So, you make them a priority. And what’s better: they make you a priority. When you’re in love, you’re both generous with your time, money, attention, and love. And it feels so right. 

The key to a healthy feeling of love is that you never have to sacrifice your needs for theirs because you are both a priority to each other. So, for example, if you constantly find yourself thinking of things they like or enjoy while you’re in the middle of a busy day, then you’re definitely feeling love, not just butterflies.

Find yourselves doing any of the following, and vice versa? It’s true love. 

  • Grabbing your partner their favorite Starbucks drink on the way home. 
  • Refill their water bottle when you refill yours.
  • Picking up their favorite hand sanitizer while you’re in line at the store.
  • Folding their clean pile of clothes they have on the bed. 
  • Saving the last of the brownies for them because you know it's their favorite. 
  • Getting up early to make their favorite coffee before they wake. 
  • Make random DIY gifts because you know that is their love language. 

7. You Feel a Sense of Empowerment

Love, at its core, is empowering. When you are in love, you feel a strong passion, desire, and influence to better yourself and the other person. In addition, the security and affection involved in being fully loved and fully loving someone breed strong feelings of empowerment. 

8. You Trust in the Love You Share

You trust that in the love you share, even though you know, there will be difficulties and risks along the way. It is a sacrifice you are willing to make when you are in love. You trust that no matter what risks you have taken, the rewards will be twenty times better. Being vulnerable and emotionally invested in a relationship can be scary, but feelings of safety and security override any doubts or insecurities when you are in love. 

9. You Feel You Can Overcome Any Obstacle or Challenge

Love feels like you can climb any mountain and you can overcome any challenge! 

Any obstacle in your way seems easy when you are in love because you feel empowered, loved, and secure in who you are in your relationship. It builds up your confidence, self-esteem, and energy. You know you are powerful because your love together is powerful. 

You feel safe and secure knowing you are loved and can focus your time on exciting challenges to make you a better person. It isn’t an unhealthy dependence on someone else’s strength but healthy independence built on the power you share. 

10. You Feel in Control 

It almost seems like an oxymoron that you are both emotionally unstable yet in more control of your life and emotions than ever before. The reason is that you are choosing to love this person more than anyone else. 

That conscious choice makes you in control of what happens next, whether good or bad. Your feelings of love give you power and control over the future. You are the captain of the ship. It’s strangely comforting to know you are in control of your destiny, and feelings associated with your love for someone solidify how much power you possess. 

11. You Feel Calm and at Ease With the Future 

You have no fear of the future when you are in love. You live in reality, but at the same time, you know that whatever comes your way, you can handle it together. You feel a sense of grounding and contentment that carries into the future. 

There’s no worry or stress, only a prevailing sense of calm and security at what the future holds. It is comforting to know whatever happens in the future, you will be with the person you have their heart in your hands. 

12. You Accept the Good With the Bad 

After the honeymoon stage, you start seeing the reality of who you are, who the person you fell in love with is, and if it’ll work for you to stay together. When you are in love with someone, you begin to realize that maybe there are flaws in your relationship. 

However, you’ve decided to love each other and accept all that goes along with that. When you start seeing flaws in someone, you never imagined that you would love them even more, but feelings of true love validate everything you see. 

13. You Feel Complete in a Healthy Way 

Before feelings of deep, emotionally connected love with your partner, there had always been something missing. Even though you had a busy social life, had a successful career, and loved family and friends, you still felt incomplete. This feeling wasn’t something you were aware of, but after falling in love with your partner, you began to realize something was missing in your life.  

It wasn’t an unhealthy feeling of loneliness or insecurity, just a constant feeling that you were missing something in life. You didn’t need to be complete; you were already whole just the way you were, but now you have someone who is always in your corner and whom you work well together as a team. As the honeymoon phase ends, this is when you will feel intense feelings of completeness and wholeness. 

14. You Feel Empathy Like You May Not Have Felt Before 

When you are experiencing feelings of love, you also begin feeling a powerful sense of empathy toward your partner. Even if you have no history of being an empath, suddenly, you start feeling the other person’s pain and joy. 

As a result, you are willing to go through anything to make sure they are okay. It could be as simple as getting a headache when they get a headache as deep as feeling the loss of a loved one. 

15. You Feel Emotional Instability

Feelings of falling in love are emotionally exhausting.  Every day you go between a racing heart, sweaty palms, bursts of random energy, sleeplessness, feelings of loneliness when they aren’t around all the time, panicking, mood swings, and more! And that’s just in the first few hours of feeling in love. 

Love is almost like a drug we become addicted to, which is why love seems to be such an intense feeling. Even a few minor changes in our day seem extreme when we are in love. We can’t predict our emotions or which way they will go at any given hour!

It’s terrifying, empowering, and confusing when you feel true love! There’s a lot of emotions to process, but you have plenty of time. 

16. You Feel a Strong Sense of Physical Attraction 

You are usually physically attracted to someone before you begin a relationship with them. But as you fall into a more profound, more emotionally connected love, your feeling of physical attraction gets stronger. 

You may start to see their physical flaws and changes over time, but it only intensifies your passion for their physical being precisely the way they are. Truly loving someone’s physical appearance over time can only be associated with deep unconditional love. 

When you love them even after a haircut, then you know your feelings of love are real!

17. You Feel Like You Finally Met Your BFF 

When you’re feeling a deep love for someone, it’s like you finally found the best friend you’ve always wanted. They’re someone you can have fun with all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re running errands together, folding your clothes, or backpacking Europe like a couple of teenagers. 

You love exploring new places together and going on adventures. You’re safe always to be yourself and remain a kid at heart. 

You can play games, go to the movies, and try new foods together. You have a built-in best friend with which you get to do life, and it’s a great feeling! But, of course, living with the love of your life is even better. 

You send each other cute little love notes all day, either through text message or through our Lovebox unique connected messaging system that will deliver your sweet expressions of affection every time you think of your partner through a free app.

So, What Does Love Feel Like to You? 

Okay, so now we’ve looked at what love feels like. It’s okay if you don’t have all the feelings but still believe you’ve fallen in love. Everyone is different, and everyone falls in love differently. 

Although it’s possible to be an emotional person still not after you’ve fallen in love, that doesn’t mean your passion isn’t authentic or robust. Love looks different on everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t get butterflies: focus on the feelings of love, commitment, and understanding everything else will fall into place. 


To effectively identify if you are experiencing falling in love, you need to read through our 17 signs to know what love feels like. Love feels like contentment, sacrifice, empowerment, and control. The feeling of love is knowing you’ve finally found your BFF and your partner in crime. 

You’re experiencing strong feelings of empathy toward your partner and a strong sense of physical attraction. But love looks different on everyone. And that’s okay! 

Get ready; you’re in for a wild ride!




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