We are giving 1% of our sales to a foundation!


We have exciting news to share with you: we will be giving 1% of our sales to the Gates Foundation for every sale we make until Mother’s Day. The current situation affects everyone, and we want to help as much as we possibly can. Choosing one foundation to support was not a simple task as there are so many organizations in need and so much incredible work being done.


We chose the Gates Foundation because, as you may know, they have been working on three main goals for decades: 


  • enhancing healthcare around the globe
  • reducing extreme poverty
  • giving children access to education and technology (in the US mainly)


      We believe they can help save lives through the considerable efforts they are putting into funding COVID-19 research, thanks to their great network of scientists and their proven healthcare expertise. The foundation is currently working on solutions to provide access to diagnostic tools, to develop a vaccine as well as new drugs to distribute effective treatments, and to protect the most vulnerable communities around the world. You can learn more and contribute further here.


      At Lovebox, our mission is centered around connecting people and bringing them closer together through the power of love. Now we have the opportunity to contribute to the biggest act of love there is – aiding those on the frontlines to help save lives – so as many people as possible can return to their loved ones healthy and strong. 


      We are so grateful for all the people taking action globally to help others, whether it is through their job, actions, or donations – every little gesture matters!


      We are in this together, and we’ll get out of this together. ❤️

      We are donating to a foundation to support research against COVID-19.


      With love and gratitude,


      The LoveTeam

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