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Edict. : Given the circumstances and the need to keep our spirits up and to share love, here is an article that should ease your time at home! We hope you’ll like it and we’d love to see your selection of movies in commentary or by messaging us on our social networks.




It’s been a long way since the beginnings of Lovebox and the Loveteam has changed a lot!




We thought it was time to introduce ourselves … the Lovebox way. You know us, we’re all about love, so what a better way to introduce ourselves than to unveil our secrets through our favorite love movies? 




Yes, love films, that big family that everyone has met at least once: the romantic blockbusters that we love to watch but we are ashamed of, the films we watch when things aren’t going well, the films that make us cry (… a lot sometimes, long live the blowing nose sound in a cinema), the love films that make us cheerful. Among all these beautiful stories, there is necessarily one that left a mark on us. 




Are you ready to discover our secrets? 





Jean’s choice (Founder & CEO





           Lady and the Tramp – Walt Disney




Synopsis: Is it really necessary to introduce this Disney must-see? It is? Ok, let’s do it. Lady, a young cocker spaniel lives her best dog life with Jim Chéri and Darling until the day she learns they are expecting a baby and her life will soon change. After the baby is born, the couple goes on vacation and leaves Lady to Aunt Sarah, the owner of two mischievous Siamese cats. Lady will then go through many adventures, falsely accused of the two cats fooleries. Through a series of events, she finds herself at the restaurant with Tramp eating spaghetti … and you surely know what happens next! 




Why this cartoon? 




It’s my first memory of a love movie. Because the spaghetti scene is famous, because it’s still difficult today to leave the last piece of a good meal to my darling, but I manage to do it, and because facing the challenges of the world together is what love is all about! 





Sharleen’s choice (Customer Success Manager)  



           Atonement – Joe Wright




Synopsis: The story takes place in England in the 1930s. Cecilia comes from a rich family, Robbie is the son of the caretaker and they love each other in secret. They live carefree, but everything falls apart when Briony, Cecilia’s younger sister, discovers their secret. Mad with jealousy, she accuses Robbie of an awful crime. Robbie has two choices: go to jail or go to war. He chooses the second option. From then on, Briony’s will be forever tormented by her false accusations and their consequences: the separation of Cecilia and Robbie who has gone to the front. 




Why this movie?  




Because it’s a movie about war and the impossible love between the two main characters. We just want to see them reunited! I love the end which is completely unexpected and surprising, a real fall … Besides, it’s a film from the book of the same name which is brilliantly well written.





Romain’s choice (Head of Operations



Don’t tell anyone – Guillaume Canet




Synopsis: Margot and Alexandre are a happy and loving couple. Every year, they go to the pond of their first kiss for a midnight bath, but this year, things don’t go as planned. While swimming away, Margot is attacked. She calls for help, Alexandre tries to come to her rescue, but he gets knocked out and Margot disappears. 




For eight years, Alexandre won’t have any beginning of an answer to understand what happened, until the day he receives a mysterious message …containing a video of his wife!




Why this movie?  




For me, “Don’t tell anyone” is, above all, a beautiful love film about a man who can’t bring himself to the disappearance of his wife and who tries, by all means, to find her. 




(spoiler) The final scene, in which the couple finds themselves in a bucolic setting, has always given me a lot of emotions and satisfaction, certainly linked to the fact that it is rather easy to project oneself in such a situation. 





Marhold’s choice (Head of Product)  



           Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson




Synopsis: The story takes place in 1965 on the island of New England. Sam and Suzy, 12 years old, both have a complicated childhood; they are rejected by their classmates, Sam is an orphan and Suzy lives in an unbalanced family. They fall in love and make a pact to run away together. The inhabitants of the island, worried about their disappearance, go looking for them. A long adventure ensues in which the role of children and adults is sometimes switched, the former being more mature than the latter. 




Why this choice? 




Because the film is beautiful and it’s a love story between two children that is simple, innocent and touching!




Pauline’s choice (Head of Marketing)



The Holiday – Nancy Meyers 




Synopsis: Amanda is the director of an advertising agency in California, her love life is complicated, she just learned that she has been cheated on. Iris, editor in an English magazine has a love life that is also close to zero. Although they only chatted on the internet, they decide to exchange their houses for the holidays. An experience that will prove to be rich in encounters!




Why this choice? 




For these love stories on the other side of the world during the Christmas holidays (my favorite period) and this American-style dream casting! 




Victoria’s choice (designer/illustrator) 




           About time – Richard Curtis




Synopsis: It’s About Time is the story of Tim Lake, a man who discovers one day that he, like all the men in his family, has the power to travel through time. A power that is as extraordinary as it is dangerous. When he travels to London for a legal internship, he meets Mary and falls under her spell. Only, during a trip through time, he erases their meeting… and thus their relationship: Tim no longer exists in Mary’s eyes. From then on, Tim will never stop playing with time to win her back and be the one she was waiting for, sometimes at the risk of reliving painful scenes! 




Why this movie? 




Because the sets are beautiful and the way Tim struggles to be the perfect lover is great!




Alix’s choice (Head of Online) 



The Notebook – Nick Cassavetes 




Synopsis: In 1930, during class segregation in the United States, during the summer holidays, Allie, daughter of a wealthy family, and Noah, a worker in a local carpentry shop, fall in love. By the end of the summer, with their class difference leaving them little choice, their paths diverge. They will lose sight of each other for several years before meeting again when Allie is about to get married. When they see each other, they realize that their summer love is not over, if not even stronger!




Why this movie? 




For Ryan Gosling, because this movie makes me cry every time I watch it, for the beauty of love through old age and illness and finally for Ryan Gosling (did I already say it?!).




Julie’s choice (Community manager)



           Vanity Fair – Mira Nair 




Synopsis: Becky is the daughter of a painter and a cabaret singer. When her parents die, she is placed in an orphanage. Trained to become a housekeeper, she soon starts dreaming of becoming part of the British high society. You’ll follow her trying to be someone she was not born to be, at the risk of losing herself or her loved ones!




Why this choice? 




It is a movie that shows that love is not easy: sometimes it is right under our nose but we don’t see it, sometimes it takes time, a lot of time, and sometimes we think we missed great opportunities when in fact they’can resurface later! 


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