The Emotional Effect of a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships (LDR) seem to get a lot of negative attention, but, in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there can be moments where the emotional toll of not getting to be in close physical proximity as much as you like can be daunting. However, LDRs tend to be stronger and have a healthier emotional bond than those who live close to one another. 

How is that possible?

LDRs tending to share a healthier emotional intimacy and bond boils down to prioritizing their relationship and their partner in their day-to-day life. When a couple is long-distance, they can’t just count on hanging out with their partner at the end of a long workday or stopping at a local shop to grab a coffee. 

An LDR couple must be intentional and prioritize communication, understanding, and meeting their partner’s needs with effective communication from a physical distance. They must listen to their partner actively and maintain feelings of intimacy and emotional connection even though they aren’t in the same geographical proximity. 

Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Absolutely! The emotional effect of a long-distance relationship is a lot about choice. Every day you must choose to be an active participant in your romantic relationship. However, the difficulties that occur in an LDR are, primarily, the same difficulties that happen in a relationship where both partners are in close geographical proximity. 

The difference is that in an LDR, the long-distance couple must always be open and honest with each other, and they must communicate any emotional needs they have to ward off frustration, anxieties, and insecurities and instead invite comforts and build trust. 

Thus, making the heart grow fonder with your long-distance partner because of the emotional connectedness you have on a deeper level having to communicate your needs regularly. Sharing your emotional needs with each other makes the heart grow fonder and makes the heart grow stronger. 

What Are the Emotional Effects of a Long-Distance Relationship

Maintaining a positive outlook is powerful enough to overcome any negative emotions that may suddenly appear in your relationship, including loneliness and fear of missing out on each other’s lives or FOMO. But there’s no need to worry because in a healthy LDR. 

The distance only creates a place for you to consistently and healthfully express your negative emotions and to create a safe place for you to share. 

Unfortunately, the negative emotions surrounding LDRs tend to dominate the narrative. 

However, this is frequently not true! LDRs actually can be healthier both emotionally and mentally for both partners. In fact, the longer the distance, the greater possibility of an even stronger bond because you must prioritize your emotional needs and those of your partners. In an LDR, you can’t just bottle up your emotions and hope it works out; you have to communicate (and listen!), making your emotional bond more robust than ever! 

The following are the positive emotionally secure effects of being in a long-distance relationship:

  • You trust each other 
  • You value each other 
  • You fully support each other 
  •  You don’t take each other for granted
  • You are listened to regularly
  • You fix miscommunications quickly and easily
  • You stay positive 
  • You learn and grow together 
  • You constantly reassure each other to avoid uncertainty 

As you can see, there are numerous positive emotional effects of being in a long-distance relationship. Because you know you both chose each other (and continue to choose each other every day) regardless of distance, a certain degree of safety and security is more prevalent than relationships in the exact location.  

Needless to say, an LDR is not a perfect relationship because no relationship is perfect! However, LDR usually has the tools needed to grow a healthy, emotionally secure connection where both partners can rely on each other through thick and thin. 

Look but Can’t Touch

Now you may be asking what about the lack of physical contact, and thus sexual intimacy. What if you or your partner’s love language is physical touch, but you can’t share a hug and kisses? 

Optimism is one of the most incredible emotions in a long-distance relationship because you both must stay focused on the positives. It can be tricky when it comes to lack of physical intimacy in an LDR, but LDR couples don’t tend to take their time and physical closeness for granted as much as other couples. 

Therefore, when LDR couples get to see each other, they focus entirely on each other and their needs and intimacy issues. But, as we’ve already mentioned, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

When LDR couples get to physical touch, such as hugs, holding hands, and cuddling, the deep emotional bond they have cultivated over the distance makes their time together even sweeter. Thankfully there are several ways to stay connected and see each other’s faces, such as social media or video chat like Facetime!

Long-Distance Makes Your Love Stronger

When your partner is close in proximity, it’s easy to take them and your relationship for granted and grow comfortable not putting in too much work for the other person. But, on the contrary, with an LDR, you must put in the effort to communicate and grow your relationship. 

Action not only strengthens the emotional effects and health of your long-distance relationship but also provides your long-distance partner with the emotional safety and security they need for good mental health.  

How To Handle the Emotional Effects of Long-Distance Communication 

As cliché as it may sound, communication is vital for success in any relationship, especially in a long-distance relationship, and especially if you and your partner are in different time zones. So, keep reading to discover the six best ways our team put together for handling the emotional effects of long-distance communication! 

1.Practice Active Listening

It’s easy when you’re in an LDR to take a phone call or Skype while you’re watching T.V. or FaceTime while cooking dinner, all of which are vital in sharing about each other’s day. However, there need to be times when you are actively listening to each other and not multi-tasking while they are sharing what’s on their hearts or minds, such as a virtual date night. 

Maybe something serious is going on at their job, or perhaps a parent is sick, or they just want the reassurance of your love and devotion. Practice active listening not just to survive your LDR but thrive! 

2.Schedule Specific Times To Chat

It can be emotionally draining to look forward to chatting at the end of the day and then have plans canceled. Unfortunately, things happen, and sometimes you must be flexible with each other due to life happening. However, maintaining a consistent time to communicate ensures an emotionally healthy relationship. 

3.Check Your Emotions at the Door

In LDRs, it’s easy to allow emotions such as jealousy, anger, disappointment, sadness, or a mix of all four of these emotions to creep into your behavior toward your long-distance partner. Just remember that both of you have days when you miss each other or wish you could have more physical contact. 

It’s easy to have a certain expectation of your partner, and the distance can fuel disappointment or resentment toward one another. However, check your emotions before you chat or video call. More likely than not, your partner may have been experiencing the same feelings as you during the day, and you can grow closer through sharing these emotions. 

4. Build a Strong Support System

It’s easy to feel as if you only need each other, but to maintain healthy emotions in an LDR, you both must have a robust support system that is in your exact geographic location. There are times when you will get lonely or need a shoulder to cry on, so it’s essential to have a roommate or friend that you can count on to keep your emotions in check and support you. 

As necessary as having people you can count on, make sure you both have healthy boundaries about whose shoulder you choose to cry because developing an intimate relationship with someone locally while in an LDR can lead to less than an ideal situation. However, if you both have set clear boundaries and expectations in your relationship, your support system can get you through!

5. Be Open About Your Emotional Health

One of the healthiest ways to maintain your emotional well-being is for both you and your partner to always be open about your emotions. Share your thoughts and feelings during the day. 

Don’t be afraid of being judged or being too emotional. Most likely, your partner was experiencing similar emotions! You’re in this long-distance relationship together. You can learn and grow in your love for each other—the more you share, the greater the bond. 

6. Get Creative With Communication

When your usual modes of communication start to get boring, it’s time to start switching things up. Thankfully, there is an endless number of options for getting creative with your communication in our age of modern technology! 

Sometimes you need a constant reminder and personalized message that your partner loves and cherishes you regardless of the miles apart from you. So, could that possibly be, you may be asking? It’s called Lovebox! Our modern twist on the old-fashioned love letter. 

It’s the first messaging device for your modern love note. Simply pair the device with an app and go beyond regular text messages to deliver extra unique expressions of your long-distance affection. You can send your favorite person messages, photos, drawings, postcards, personalized stickers, and more! Plan your messages ahead or send them a spur of the moment love note! 

When your message is received, the personalized spinny heart on the Lovebox will spin, and when they receive the message, they spin the heart and send you a shower of hearts back to you. We even have a Lovebox for Lovers designed especially with lovers in mind! So your partner is sure always to remember your cute and unique messages while you’re apart from each other. 


To effectively maintain a positive and healthy emotional effect on your long-distance relationship, you must prioritize your relationship and your partner’s emotional needs even though you aren’t in the exact geographical location. 

Furthermore, becoming an active listener, scheduling your evening chats, keeping your emotions in check, building a solid support system, and being open and creative with your communication are just a few of the ways the emotional health of your LDR not only survives but thrives! 




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