14 Long Distance Valentine’s Day Gifts

The logistics of a long-distance relationship can be challenging, especially during the holidays. But, with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of love, you can find the perfect long-distance Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite Valentine! 

Couples who are used to planning and coordinating their time apart understand the difficulty of finding how to make the holidays memorable when there are many miles (and time differences!) in between! 

The good news is we’ve researched the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts and made the ultimate guide for finding the best present for your S.O.! We’ve included everything from virtually watching the sunset or the sunrise to gifting them a subscription service. In addition, we’ve included a connected messaging system of synchronized tech to send love notes and pictures to your long-distance loved one.

Keep reading to discover our favorite long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts to help you two feel closer than ever, even with many miles between you! 

1. Schedule a Valentines Day FaceTime Date 

Who says you can't have an actual Valentine's Day date night when you live far apart? Thanks to modern technology, you can! An excellent option for a memorable long-distance Valentine's Day gift is to have a virtual Valentine's Day FaceTime date

So, find a time that works for both of your schedules (and time zones!), cook your favorite meals, and set up your camera to have a "virtual" Valentine's Day dinner date. 

If you wanted to spend extra time together, you could set up your cameras while you cook and make a night of it. You could play the same music and cook the same foods, almost as if you were in the same room. And, dressing up adds a nice touch to make it feel more like an in-person date!

Lovebox app

2. DoorDash Their Favorite Food! 

Are your schedules too challenging to schedule a virtual Valentine's Day dinner date? No worries! Thanks to so many choices for food delivery in almost every area, order your significant other's favorite splurge meal and have it delivered to their house. 

They will love not having to fix dinner after a long day at work, and they’ll love knowing you tried to make Valentine’s Day far apart feel like the real deal. Of course, don't forget the dessert! 

Man cooking eggs

3. Take a Class Together (Virtually!) 

Maybe you've both always wanted to learn how to make your pasta. Or perhaps you've wanted to learn Mandarin or the best stretches before you go on a run. The opportunities are endless! 

Especially in our post-COVID world, you can learn just about anything from a virtual class. From languages, cooking, music, sports, exercises, craft projects, and even chess! 

Man cooking eggs

4. Make a Spotify Playlist 

Make a playlist of all your favorite songs both as a couple and your favs you want to share with your S.O. You can even make the playlist private between just the two of you or share as an open playlist. 

A few good songs to include are the first song you sang together at karaoke night, the song playing in the car on the way to your first date, and your favorite music they shared with you when you just started your relationship. Anything that reminds you of each other and makes them feel close when you are lonely, and they are far away!


5. Stream Their Favorite T.V. Show or Movie With a Watch Party 

Now we can watch the same shows and movies without perfectly timing it through FaceTime or texting. The ‘watch party’ feature with most streaming services these days is a great way to cuddle up and watch the same movie or show with your favorite person regardless of distance. You don’t have to wait to see each other in person to watch the perfect rom-com or rerun of Friends! 

Pop corn

6. Get Crafty 

Valentine's day is a perfect time to get out your crochet hooks, knitting needles, or paintbrushes and make a DIY long-distance valentine's day gift for your significant other! 

If you're a budding artist, you could paint them a picture of your favorite beach or mountain. If you love to knit or crochet, you could make them a blanket to cuddle up with and think of you the next time you stream a virtual movie or T.V. show together. 

Of course, your S.O. will love anything you make if you make it! 

Custom DIY gift

7. Commission Custom Made Art 

Something extraordinary and unique is finding an artist and having a favorite picture of you two painted, sketched, or drawn. A custom-made piece of art is something they could keep for years. Look on social media for local artists in your area and check their previous work before deciding if you want to hire them to create your artwork. 

Talk to the artist about the costs and what they think the timeline will be for them to complete your work of art. It might be best to get everything in writing before you pay the artist, that way, you both know what to expect! 

Bonus points: you could buy a custom frame or make your own for your unique work of art!  

Love frame

8. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Together

Just because you're apart on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beautiful sunrise or romantic sunset together! It could be from your apartment patio, the beach, or wherever your job may send you over the holiday. 

If you're in different time zones, you could either record a video for them to enjoy later or you could take turns during the day to enjoy each other's sunrise or sunset. The main thing is that you're enjoying it together!

9. Make a Couple Scrapbook 

Are you still trying to decide what to do with all the concert tickets, plane tickets, game day stubs, and photo collages from all the weddings you’ve been to together? Making a couple’s scrapbook of your relationship is a perfect way to commemorate all the beautiful memories you have together. So, gather all your memorabilia and photos and get crafty.

Don’t worry about having artistic skills. You can always buy a premade scrapbook and just fill it in with your pictures and mementos! It’s an easy way to make something special for your S.O other so you can reminisce while distance separates you two. It makes a unique and one-of-a-kind long-distance Valentine’s Day gift that your S.O. will never forget! 

10. Bouquet of Flowers 

As cliché and old-school as it may seem, buying your favorite Valentine’s Day date a bouquet of their favorite flowers is something that is still appreciated (depending on your S.O.!). Find out their favorite flowers and surprise them by sending them to their office or house if they’re working from home. It is an excellent way for them to know you’re thinking about them during your busy day and want them to know how special they are to you! 

Gifting flowers to partner

11. Favorite Candy 

Life may be like a box of chocolates, but whatever candy your Valentine’s Day date loves may be the best candy to send them! Do they like M&Ms, Snickers, KitKat bars, or Sour Patch Kids? 

If you’re not sure what their favorite splurge candy is, double-check with your S.O.’s friends. Sending them their favorite Valentine’s Day candy may seem like a standard LDR gift, but those of us who try to cut back on our favorite sweets love a reason to splurge. And what better way than with the candy our boo sent us! 

12. Gift Subscription Service 

Still not sure what to get your S.O. for a long-distance Valentine’s Day gift? Maybe it’s a new relationship, or they already seem to have everything they need (and want!). Don’t fret! Over the last few years, subscription services have expanded to cover just about any kind of product or service your special someone would like. 

There are so many different options. Finally, you can find the perfect one for your Valentine’s Day date! It shows you’ve put some thought into their gift, and it’s something they can look forward to receiving every month.

Below are a few ideas for gift subscription services for your S.O.: everything from food, drinks, and books and magazines. In addition, there are subscription services for your fashionista and beauty blogger. There’s even a long-distance Valentine’s Day gift for your S.O. with a green thumb! 

  •     Coffee Club 
  •     Tea Club
  •     Magazine
  •     Meal Kits 
  •     Wine Club
  •     Book Club
  •     Skin-Care Products
  •     Fashion Club 
  •     House Plants

Subscription services are also great time and money savers because they do all the work, and your subscription products will usually include shipping! 

13. Send a Care Package 

Gather some of their favorite items: a cozy blanket, a new coffee mug, a few bags of candy, a couple of gift cards to their favorite restaurants and store and surprise your S.O. with a long-distance Valentine’s Day care package

14. Lovebox Messenger

Go above and beyond with our message delivery system and get your loved one a Lovebox messenger. Send love notes, photos, drawings, and stickers using Wi-Fi through Lovebox's free app. Choose the color of your spinny heart, and it will start spinning when you send a new love note. Reading the message stops the heart from spinning. 

They can respond to your love message by spinning the heart. A shower of hearts will come across your app screen. One of the best parts is that you can schedule your messages ahead of time, and all your love notes are saved in the app to look back on!

Lovebox Long Distance Valentine


Long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts can be challenging to manage, but with a bit of creativity and a lot of love, it’s possible to still have a memorable Valentine’s Day. With our long-distance Valentine’s Day gift guide, you can find the perfect gift for your S.O.! From care packages to Facetime dates to your partner’s favorite product in a subscription service, we’ve got you covered. 

And don’t forget to send them a special love note through Lovebox


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