19 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but we still want to get our loved one the perfect long-distance relationship gift. First, of course, you want to get your S.O. something meaningful. Second, you want them to think of you.

Our long-distance relationship gift guide has plenty of our favorite gift ideas, from DIY gifts that you can put your personal touch on to surprise them with a surprise romantic glamping weekend. We’ve got you covered!

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in! 

What Are Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Shipping?

One of the most asked questions of long-distance couples is what gift I can get my partner without dealing with shipping. Look no further! We’ve listed some of our favorite non-shipping long-distance relationship gift ideas to help you make your S. O’s Day! 

Keep reading to find our tried-and-true non-shopping gifts! 

1. Make a Playlist With Your Special Music 

Maybe your long-distance S.O. likes to run or jog in the morning, or perhaps they want to listen to a good playlist during their commute to work. They would love to hear songs that remind them of you whenever they listen to music. You could compile a playlist of songs that have been significant in your relationships, such as the first song you danced to or the first song that you sang karaoke to the night you first met. 

Making a playlist for your favorite person is a great way to not worry about shipping or receiving their gift on time. Instead, it’s a simple but thoughtful gift that will keep them thinking about you and your relationship no matter what they’re doing. Another great idea is to make your playlist an annual gift. They can look back on and remember your favorite songs together from each year! 

2. Poem or Song Written by Yours Truly

Okay, okay. We know what you’re thinking. 

It’s been years since you got out a pen and paper and wrote a sappy love song or poem for your S.O. But when you’re long-distance, it’s all the small things added together to make it genuinely bearable being apart. So, even a simple poem about how much you love them would mean the world to your long-distance partner

If you like to write songs or jingles, get out your guitar and perform your masterpiece for them over FaceTime, or you could record it for them to watch later. Either way, a handwritten song isn’t something they would forget anytime soon! 

Don’t worry about how it sounds; your S.O. just wants to know you’re thinking of them, and they’re on your mind. It’s easy when you are in a long-distance relationship to sometimes feel disconnected, so any way you can bridge the gap between you two, take full advantage! 

3. Interactive Virtual Games

In a long-distance relationship, it's challenging to stay connected as a couple. Enter interactive virtual games! Now, thanks to modern technology, distance is never a factor when it comes to seeing each other's competitive sides over (friendly) games. 

There are plenty of genres of virtual games to choose from, including word games, murder mysteries, UNO, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, trivia, and the list goes on and on! 

4. Stream Their Favorite Movie or Television Show

Waiting to binge the next season of your favorite show or seeing the latest flick released to a streaming service with your long-distance S.O.? Wait no more! Now, thanks to platforms such as Netflix ‘party feature’ and other streaming services parties you and your boo can watch together regardless of the distance between you. 

So, schedule a time that works for both of you. If you’re dealing with time-zone differences, it’s somewhat tricky but utterly doable with some creativity and determination! It’s also great that most ‘parties’ now have a chat feature so you can talk about your favorite parts of the show. 

Get your popcorn and your blanket. It’s time to start the show! 

5. Send Their Favorite Meal 

Technically, you're still paying for the delivery fee, but you don't have to worry about boxing anything up or having to haul everything somewhere to mail your gift. Just go on the app and find their favorite splurge place, anything from their favorite restaurant, favorite dessert shop, or favorite 24-hour donut shop! 

Type in their address (first, make sure they are home) and wait to get a call from your loved one thanking you for their favorite splurge meal! Ordering seamless for your long-distance partner is an easy way to show them you are thinking about them and wishing you could be with them. 

6.  Schedule a Time To Watch the Sunset or Sunrise Together 

We realize this might not be easy to plan, depending on the time differences between you two. But it can be extraordinary to drink a cup of coffee or tea and watch the sunrise together or to watch the sunset and talk about your day. 

What Are Some DIY Gift Ideas for a Long-Distance Relationship? 

A memorable long-distance relationship gift is your latest DIY (do it yourself) project! Your DIY project could be as simple as framing one of your favorite couple of pictures or as time-consuming as getting out your woodworking tools and engraving their initials on a wooden plaque or box. It’s all up to you! 

7.  Make a Couples Scrapbook 

Always wanted to know what to do with all the pictures, concert tickets, playbills, or party favors you’ve saved as a couple? We’ve all been there! Buy a fantastic scrapbook with your S.O.’s favorite colors or patterns and make them a scrapbook of your relationship so far. This way, when they get lonely or are especially missing you, they can get it out and look through all the beautiful, happy memories you’ve had together.  

8. Make a Collage or Picture Frame

Maybe your partner would prefer to see your memorabilia and your relationship pictures hanging on the wall so they can look at it every day without having to pull out a scrapbook to peruse. You could combine all of your special events and pictures in one collage to frame, or you could just frame your favorite photos to put in a series of frames. It’s all up to your imagination!

9. Knit a Blanket

Get out your knitting needles! Time to knit your S.O. a blanket to watch while you stream a ‘watch party’ together. Pick their favorite color and get to work. They will love whatever pattern you design! 

10. Crochet a Scarf 

Get out your crochet hook and dust it off! If your S.O. lives in colder winter climates, there isn't a better DIY long-distance relationship gift than a scarf crocheted by hand by their favorite person! Every time they go out in the bitter cold and bundle up in your handmade scarf, they will think of you and feel wrapped in your love. 

11. Engrave a Wooden Plaque or Box 

Maybe you (or a friend) are good with woodworking. You could buy or make a wooden plaque or box and personally engrave Your loved one's name or your names together or the date you both met each other.

12. Start an ‘I Miss You’ Journal 

Pick out a beautiful 'I Miss You' journal for you and your S.O. to start together. You could start writing in the journal on the first few pages about your relationship, what you are thinking, what you are looking forward to doing with them the next time you see each other. Then mail it to them so they can write in the following few pages. 

Write a few pages and send it back and forth until the journal is full of your combined thoughts, ideas, plans, and daily updates about your lives. Of course, it is fun while you're writing in the journal. But it is especially delightful to be able to look back on and reminisce about your days while you were apart!  

What Are Some Other Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas? 

Okay, now you might be thinking: I'm not crafty or artistic, and shipping isn't a factor for me in my long-distance relationship gift. So, what are some gift ideas for me? Don't worry! We at Lovebox have done our research, and we have some ideas for your S.O.!

13. Hire Commissioned Art 

Hire a local artist in your area to sketch, paint, or sculpt your long-distance S.O. or both of you together. It not only supports your local artists, but it is a true one-of-a-kind gift that only they would have. 

14. Have Flowers or a Houseplant Delivered to Their Home or Office 

As cliché as it may seem, having flowers delivered to your loved one's home or office still says to them that you are thinking of them and love them, and you want the world to know how much! So, pick out their favorite flower (or ask a relative or mutual friend, if you don't know yet) and hire a local flower company to send a bouquet or plant their way. 

If your S.O. prefers houseplants that are more sustainable than fresh-cut flowers, thankfully, some flower delivery companies now have the option of potted houseplants. Don't forget to pick out a cute flower pot! 

15. Splurge on Their Favorite Candy 

We know it’s terrible for us, but occasionally we just want to splurge on our favorite candy with no regrets. And, if our S.O. sends us our favorite candy with a sweet love note (like the one sent from our Lovebox messenger box), then we are sure to have a guilt-free candy fest. 

So, if you don’t know their favorite candy yet, it might be a good idea to bring it up casually. Or you can check with their roommate or your mutual friends. 

16. Surprise Them for a Visit 

If at all physically possible, a real live in-person surprise always takes the cake. It isn’t always possible but having a surprise visit from your loved one is something everyone in a long-distance relationship dreams may one day happen to them. 

So, pack your bags! Time to go on a trip!

Pro Tip: If you follow each other’s location, you may want to turn that off or find a creative way to ensure your S.O. won’t check your location. You don’t want to spoil your surprise! 

17. Surprise Them With a Weekend Getaway

A little romantic weekend getaway is a memorable gift to give your long-distance loved one. A perfect spot might be if there’s the halfway point between where both of you live and tell them to meet you there, then surprise them with a fun (and unique!) getaway. Of course, you could already plan to meet them for a weekend, but don’t tell them where you made reservations or what your plans are. 

Then, when they get there, whisk them away to a romantic spot they’ve only seen in their dreams! A few options that have been popular in the past few years are options such as luxury treehouses or glamping. Whatever you choose, your S.O. will just be glad to spend time with you! 

18. Gift Card to Their Splurge Restaurant 

As impersonal as it may seem, if you can't physically surprise them or be able to meet halfway between the two of you, then sending them a gift card to their favorite restaurant is the next best thing. Often, we don't splurge on ourselves, so letting them know you remember their favorite restaurant is a great way to show how much you miss them. 

Another great way to make their gift extra special is to give them enough on their gift card to take their roommate or best friend with them to enjoy the meal together! 

19. Lovebox Messenger

This is the most popular way nowadays to send a love note to your long-distance boo! The Lovebox messenger device is a connected device that is perfect for sending one-of-a-kind heartfelt messages to your S.O. anywhere in the world. This modern take on the old-fashioned love note keeps us connected to our loved ones through a free app that is easy to use.

It's super easy to send a heartfelt message to your long-distance partner with Lovebox.  You could send love notes, photos, drawings, or stickers through the app. The heart on the box will spin, letting the recipient know they have a new message.

You even get to pick out your own spinny for their box! Then, after they open the box and read your message, they can return a shower of digital hearts to your screen.  The Lovebox messaging system is perfect for going beyond regular communication and delivering special expressions of affection! 


There you have it! Your ultimate guide to your long-distance relationship gift guide. Whether you choose a gift you won’t have to ship, a DIY project, or one of our other suggestions, your long-distance partner will love and appreciate the time and effort you put into their gift.

Don’t forget to save this for future reference! Happy gifting! 




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