How to organize your wedding with the Lovebox?

Have you also noticed that love movies always show us a sublime wedding with musicians, romantic booths, and perfect guests? Surprisingly, we don’t see the stress of the preparation, the headache of the seating plan, the sleepless nights before the proposal, and then, above all, the aftermath! “They got married, lived happily ever after, and had many children”, however, the question we all ask ourselves is HOW? How do they make a beautiful marriage and live happily together?


We do not guarantee to answer all your questions, but we did our best to offer you original ways to use the Lovebox before, during, and after your wedding ceremony to share beautiful moments and emotions!


How to propose your other half with the Lovebox?


First thing first: find the right person! Unfortunately, we are of no help in that matter, however, according to your answers to our stories, beautiful encounters happen everywhere: at school, at work, on Tinder, at the gym, at the casino, or on a construction site. 


If you’re at the stage where you’re having a perfect love affair and want to get married, the fateful question that will “naturally” come up is: “will you marry me?” Easy to write, not so easy to say. Fear of a shaky voice, loss of words, sweaty hands, and feeling your head spin. First, take a breath: the most important thing is not to make something impressive, but a proposal that makes you feel comfortable. Second, if proposing seems overwhelming, we have a solution: to use the Lovebox!


To work, the Lovebox must be plugged in and connected to the wifi. However, this does not prevent you from proposing outside, at the place where you met, in a park, or in front of your childhood home. How? You can plug the Lovebox into a small battery and connect it to the 4G of your phone to take it with you everywhere. At the fateful moment, send a message to the Lovebox, wait for the heart to spin, kneel and present the Lovebox to your other half like an engagement ring box. THE question will then appear on the screen and all you have to do is watch your other half’s reaction 🤞.

Get yours now !

wedding engagement ring lovebox

How to organize your wedding ceremony with the Lovebox?


Your other half said yes ? Phew, the most important part is done 😉

Remind yourself that the ceremony is only there to share this beautiful moment with all your loved ones and spend a beautiful evening.

Entertain your guests with the Lovebox


If the bride and groom invite their entire family, plus all of their childhood friends, the spouses of their cousins, etc. the guest list can quickly grow, and chances are they won’t be able to all sit next to each other.

Is it your case? The Lovebox could help you keep a warm connection with your loved ones throughout the evening! To use it, nothing could be simpler: all you need to do is plug it in and connect it to the Wi-Fi or your phone’s hotspot. Once installed, share your Lovebox secret code with your guests. They will be able to send you compliments, GIFs, jokes, or even photos (after a certain time, and a few glasses of champagne, we can not guarantee that the messages will be very clear, but it is the intention that matters).

Use the Lovebox with those who could not come 


Sometimes, among the list of guests, some cannot be present on the D-Day (and this is even more likely with the current restrictions on gatherings). To make sure you can share this beautiful moment, the Lovebox can be the connected object to keep the link with them despite the distance. By sharing your secret code with them, you can receive their congratulatory messages! The important thing is to allow them to express all their sympathy to you via a privileged channel as if they were by your side.

If you feel like being playful, you could even ask them to send you photos of themselves having chosen a theme in advance!

Use the Lovebox to remember the best of your Wedding Ceremony


The wedding day is a lot of emotions and beautiful moments that we would like to make last a long time after (except for the embarrassing anecdotes of the guests and the awakening the next day). 

To receive beautiful memories from your guests without being distracted during the Ceremony we advise you to share your secret code and not to plug your Lovebox in. The messages sent to the Lovebox will be put on hold until you have recovered from your wild dance. All you have to do is choose the moment you are ready to receive the best (and worst) of your evening, plug in your Lovebox, and get ready to receive all the messages that your guests sent to you 🙂

Organize games with the Lovebox


The guessing game


What can be very funny with the Lovebox is not to sign the message, and to make people guess who is the sender! To spice up your wedding party, we suggest you choose 10 people in your Ceremony, and share with them the secret code of your Lovebox (which you will have plugged in beforehand and connected to the Wi-Fi or to your phone hotspot). With your back to your “chosen accomplice”, you will have to guess who is sending you every message you receive. A clue to find the person? They will tell you an anecdote they are the only one to know! 

    The truth game


    This is probably the most famous game to play as a couple. The rules are simple: the couple must answer several questions. Each time, they will have to indicate, who in the couple, makes the most often the stated action. The little extra of this game: all guests can play by sending the questions directly to the Lovebox (plus, to add suspense, they will have the option not to sign their message 🤗). Then, it’s up to you to answer the questions with humor without offending your spouse of course! (it would be a shame to start your wedding night on the sofa 😈).

    How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?


    We will tell you more about it soon 🙂

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