15 Ways To Charm Your Girlfriend

Finding ways to charm your girlfriend can be challenging. Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula to charming your girlfriend with gestures. However, follow our suggestions to show them how much you love and care for them, and you are sure to bring a smile to their face.


Keep reading for our favorite 15 ways to charm your girlfriend


1. Write Love Letters

Think old-fashioned. Thanks to modern technology, we have many communication tools at our fingertips. However, the long-lost art of handwriting a love letter full of cute things for your sweetheart is one of the most romantic and charming ways to make your girlfriend know how much you care. Suppose you are unsure what to say in a handwritten love letter. 


Then, list your favorite qualities of them, write about how much better your life is with them in it, and how happy you are now that you have them. Then, to go the extra mile in charming your girlfriend, instead of hand-delivering your letter, mail it to them for brownie points


2. Plan Date Nights

Girlfriends love it when you plan a date night, and it makes the perfect thoughtful gift! So surprise them one day and tell them what time to be ready. But first, sneakily double-check to make sure they don’t have anything conflicting going on in their schedule. 

Then, plan a whole evening of romance and everything they enjoy. Maybe take them to the newest restaurant in town and the opera. Perhaps they love the theater but never seem to have time to go. Make the night all about them, and they’ll love it! 


3. Learn Their Love Language 

Discovering your girlfriend’s love language is essential to knowing how to charm them and assuring they feel loved by you with or without gifts on a regular basis. Gary Chapman developed the Five Love Languages to help us know how we feel loved and love others. The five love languages include:


  •   Acts of service
  •     Quality time
  •     Words of affirmation
  •     Gifts
  •     Physical touch 


Suppose you aren’t sure of your partner’s love language; no worries! There’s an easy, helpful quiz they can take to find their top love languages. Once you know their love language, you’ll be well on your way to charming your girlfriend!


Don’t forget that the key is not just knowing their love language but also practicing it. Show them you love them through their love language, and you will always be their favorite person on earth! 


4. Give Compliments

Giving compliments to your girlfriend is one of the best ways in the whole world to charm your girlfriend, whether you’ve been together one week or one year! Giving compliments, no matter how small, goes a long way when it comes to attraction and appreciation! Praise them for their effort. Let them know you notice all they do in your lives together and how happy that makes you. 


5. Be Loyal

Loyalty shows your partner you love them unconditionally no matter how grumpy or silly or mad they can get. An excellent way to charm your girlfriend is to let them know you are a thoughtful boyfriend who is always in their corner. You are enthusiastic and loving toward them, no matter how bad their day is. Let them know that you fully support them no matter what career or life change. 


6. Invest Your Time and Energy.

Actions speak louder than words. That is why investing in them and letting them know you are there with your time and energy is a great way to charm your girlfriend. Give them the gift of time, understanding, and empathy. 

Let them know you remember when they have an important meeting or when they have a doctor's appointment. Understanding their needs and showing you are willing and able to meet them will make her feel like she’s on top of the world! 


7. Intentionally Love the Other People in Their Life

Believe us. Your girlfriend will notice if you are the kind of guy to spend time with their grandma or invite their roommate along when you go to the movies. Spending time with and loving everyone they love is particularly charming. 

Loving everyone in their life includes their dogs, cats, roommates, best friend, and, yes, their family. Although it may sometimes be challenging to find something to talk to them about, you do have one crucial thing in common: you all love your girlfriend


8. Make a Big Deal Out of All the Celebrations

An excellent way to charm your girlfriend is to exceed their expectations by remembering any day that is important to them. That’s right! Anything from the anniversary of your first kiss to her mom’s birthday to the first day you said you love each other. If you don’t already wish her a good morning every morning, it’s a good time to start for bonus points. What a great way to start the day by your favorite person waking up and thinking of you! 


9. Cuddle

Most girlfriends love to cuddle up with their partners while watching Netflix, sharing chocolates, or just while you’re chatting about the day. Of course, physical touch is essential if it is your girlfriend’s love language, but most of the time, all girlfriends love to be held at the end of a long day regardless of their love language. Whether they prefer to be the big spoon or little spoon, cuddling can be incredibly charming! Simply hold them and listen as they talk about their day or read a new book, and if they fall asleep, let them rest. Cuddling will make your girlfriend feel loved and protected! 


10. Take Cute Pictures Together

Girlfriends usually love to take cute pictures with their partners. But it can be a real downer if their partner is unwilling to take adorable couple photo sessions together. So, one lovely day let them know to dress cute so that you can take pictures together. 


Your girlfriend will find that incredibly charming. Want to score extra points as a partner? Hire a photographer for a cute couple session! They’ll love feeling like you wanted to take pictures with them! 


11. Learn To Express Your Emotions

Sharing isn’t just caring; it’s charming too! Expressing your emotions can be challenging, but your girlfriend would love to know how you feel about things in life. For example, share how you feel at the end of a long day. Talk to them about your fears and your needs. Start sharing. You won’t regret it! 


12. Gift Them Lovebox for Lovers

Charm your girlfriend by gifting them the most popular and creative ways to send a love note! The Lovebox for Lovers is a connected messaging device that pairs with an easy-to-use app to go beyond regular communication and deliver instant, charming expressions of affection! 

Use your sense of humor or tell your girlfriend sweet things through the app, including photos, colored messages, fun stickers, drawings, and even postcards! The heart on their Lovebox will spin until they open your message. Then, they can reply to your message with a waterfall of hearts that will cascade across your screen. 


Charming your girlfriend doesn’t have to be hard, especially with these gift ideas! Sending them sweet messages, romantic things, and stickers through the Lovebox is a great way to make them smile, knowing you were thinking of them! 


13. Actively Listen

To actively listen means you are consciously trying to listen with your whole body. Active listening means body language like leaning in with your mouth closed and not looking at your phone. 

Reassure your girlfriend that they can share anything they want to share without fear of you making suggestions, judging, or giving commentary on what they could have done differently. Actively listening and keeping eye contact is incredibly charming and will melt your girlfriend’s heart! 


14. Make Them Laugh

Not to put too much pressure on you to perform, but girlfriends love for someone to make them laugh. It’s easy for them to take themselves too seriously and to focus too much on their tasks at hand, so they love for someone to give them a moment to enjoy themselves. 

So be silly and goofy with them. Crack jokes (obviously, never at their expense) and laugh with them. Talk in silly voices and have fun! Humor is charming! And they’ll definitely remember when you made them laugh! 


15. Cook Their Favorite Meal

Making a meal for your favorite person is particularly charming and says you care about them. If you don’t feel too confident in the kitchen, take some cooking classes or watch cooking videos. 

Learn to make their favorite dish and surprise them with your chivalry after they’ve had a long, hard day at work. If you’re still unsure about your cooking abilities, order a food subscription service that includes the right amount of ingredients and a step-by-step guide for making the meal.


If it’s not possible to cook their meal, they would love to come home to their favorite take-out meal already delivered when they get home. To make your surprise meal extra special, light a couple of candles and put on their favorite music. Your girlfriend is sure to feel romanced! 



All in all, there’s no secret “equation” for charming your girlfriend. Of course, when you love and care for someone, you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to make them smile. However, you most likely won’t have to go that far to charm them. Simply follow our 15 ways to charm your girlfriend, and they are sure to feel loved and appreciated! It’s really that simple! 


Whether you write a love letter, plan a date, learn some jokes, schedule a cute couple photo session, or gift them the Lovebox for Lovers, they’ll be smiling from ear to ear, knowing you care so much! 


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