10 Gifts Ideas for Grandfathers

Your grandfather has seen you grow up and been there since you were just a baby up until the age you are now. The relationship between a grandfather and a grandchild is a special one and deserves to be celebrated as such.

Many grandfathers have had the privilege of being there at their grandchild’s birth, have held and rocked them when they were just a baby, laughed with them, sang to them, pushed them on the swing, cried at their wedding, watched them graduate high school, and so much more. Grandfathers can play a large role in a grandchild’s life, from being the person they go to in a time of need, or even taking care of their grandchild full time.

However your grandfather has played a role in your life, deciding to give them a gift that is intentional is an incredible way to show them you love them!

Gifting someone special in your life, like your grandfather, can feel like a ton of pressure. You want to get him the perfect gift and make sure that he loves it. He’s bound to, though, because it’s from you! 

But that pressure is a real and valid feeling. Whether it’s his birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, or just because you were thinking of him, your grandfather deserves to be given a great gift every once in a while.

Lucky for you, we’ve created a curated list of great gifts that your grandfather is sure to love and cherish forever. Read on to see which one you’ll end up gifting your grandfather!

Picture This: Scrapbook Edition

Any gift that you decide to add a personalized flair to will be guaranteed to be a hit with the grandfather! Everyone loves to know that you’re thinking of them by being gifted something that is customized. 

Consider gifting your grandfather a scrapbook! Make the scrapbook anything you think he might love. It can be anything from a blast to the past where you add in all of his photos from his youth, childhood memories, family, wedding photos with him and your grandma, or all his close friends from college. Create his life into a storybook! 

Add in special words and testimonies from his friends and wife that tell stories of who he is as a person and the kind and gentleman he is. Ask them to write five of his amazing qualities on a page. Ask them to write one full page of their favorite story with him. The possibilities are endless! 

Or, go in the other direction with a scrapbook that is all about you and your grandfather. Put in family photos from vacations and holidays, a few of him holding you as a baby, and any inside jokes you two might share together. Add funny stickers, cute drawings, and write a few things that you love about him and how you feel incredibly fortunate to have him as your grandfather. This gift is meant to be a tear-jerker!

Forget Me Not: Keys Edition

It happens to all of us. Things go misplaced in the house all the time. Whether it be the wallet, phone, or keys, it’s common...and frustrating! 

End this cycle of frustration by giving your grandfather a tool that will keep him from being able to lose his keys again. There are keychains that act as a sleek and small tracker that attaches to your keys. There is an accompanying app that can be downloaded on his phone and it will signal an alarm for him to be able to find his misplaced keys!

Not only that, but it’s compatible with an Alexa or Google Home. If your grandpa isn’t in the mood to use his phone and figure out an app, all he has to ask his devices is, “Where are my keys?” It will do the same thing—set off a signal and lead him right to it so he avoids the frantic searching.

Feeding and Watching: Bird Edition

For the grandpa that has an obsession and love for birds, consider giving him tools so he can interact with the birds that fly into his backyard or out in the wild. Gift him a pair of binoculars so he can do all the bird watching on his daily walks in the park. It’s a gift he can use again and again!

Or, gift him a bird feeder that he can tuck in a tree in his backyard. Even add some bird feed with it so he can start right away. He’ll love watching the hummingbirds, cardinals, and bluebirds flock to his yard every day.

When you go to visit him, make it a game and see who can spot the most birds within a time frame. It’ll be a creative and fun way to bond with your grandfather and you’re sure to learn a bunch of obscure facts about the birds along the way!

Comfy and Cozy: Pajama Edition

Everyone wants to receive a cozy new pair of pajamas! Having a new pair of pajama pants or shirt will keep anyone comfortable and warm throughout the night. Get him his favorite color or favorite patterns like plaid or flannel material. It can be a matching set of pajamas or multiple pairs so he always has one on hand.

You could even customize them! Put his favorite baseball team’s logo on the pajama pants, a funny dad joke, or his favorite lyrics down the pant leg. 

Finalize the gift with a pair of slippers to match so his feet can stay stylish and warm too!

Reel Him In: Fishing Edition

Maybe your grandfather is the kind of a guy that is obsessed with unloading his boat on a Sunday afternoon, going out on the lake, and spending the day relaxing and trying to catch some fish.

Gift him with some new fishing gear that will be sure to make him smile from ear to ear! Make it a set, with a new fishing pole rod, a tackle box, fishing vest, lures, some new stylish sunglasses, bait bucket, and whatever else he may need!

Give your grandfather an excuse to escape to the wilderness and relax—he deserves it!

Drink Up: Coffee Edition

Is your grandfather a coffee lover? He might never go a morning without his cup of joe. If so, gift him with some new goodies! 

Grab a few of his favorite coffee bags, a french press, a sleek coffee canister, an espresso coffee grinder, cream and sugar, milk frother, a to-go coffee cup, and a customizable mug! Make it a gift box so he can unwrap all his goodies and see all the new gadgets he gets to try out.

Get creative by giving him a customizable mug—with a photo of the two of you. You can even get mugs that reveal the photo as it heats up. The heat reveals the picture, making it even more exciting to see!

Food Galore: Gift Card Edition

If your grandfather is a foodie, or just simply has a favorite restaurant he’s been loyal to for years, give him a gift card to his favorite restaurant so he can enjoy himself at his favorite place. 

To make this gift even more fun, pair it with a few index cards with the recipe and step-by-step directions on his favorite meal at the restaurant. That way, once the gift card is all run-out, he can learn how to make it himself and become his own chef! Pair it with a fun, white chef hat and call it a day.

A Tee-rific Time: Golf Edition

Is your grandfather not so much into the food scene? No worries! Try this gift idea instead if he’s a lover of golf and bonus, it’s also a gift that involves an experience!

Give him a gift card to play a game of golf with his friends. You can also reserve him some time at the driving range or putting course to keep his golf game sharp.

Heartfelt Gift: The Lovebox Edition

If you’re looking for a gift that is a little more heartfelt, intentional, and a gift that can be used again and again, the Lovebox is the one for you.

The Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver instant expressions of affection, even from a distance! It’s an accessible and easy to use device that allows you to send through the app family photos, colored messages, fun stickers, drawings from the little ones, and so much more so that your grandfather can feel the love and know that you’re thinking of him throughout the day.

This gift idea is also perfect for the grandfather that doesn’t live right down the road. Many grandparents don’t live in the same city as their grandchildren, and this can be really difficult. The Lovebox gives the opportunity to have a fun and creative kind of communication that isn’t just a phone call. 

When your grandfather receives a message, the Lovebox’s heart on the front will spin, notifying him of his personalized message! All he has to do is take off the lid and it’s revealed to him. If your grandfather wants to send some love back, he just has to spin the heart back and you will receive a flood of hearts on your app. It’s the perfect gift to make communication creative and consistent—even far away.

Do Re Mi: Music Edition

Maybe your grandfather is a musician— or at least wants to be! He loves to sing or play guitar, piano, the violin, drums, or any other instrument. But he doesn’t have the equipment or the knowledge to learn more.

Consider gifting him with a new instrument of his choice: a Taylor guitar, a keyboard, or even just a microphone and an amp to practice singing! With that, add in a means for him to learn more by gifting him a few lessons to become an expert. He’ll be shredding his guitar in no time.

Be Intentional and Creative

Our grandfathers do so much for us and it’s only fair that we give back to them. Giving them a special gift will make them feel incredibly loved and they deserve to feel that! Be intentional and creative with whatever gift you decide to give to him and he’s bound to smile from ear to ear, and maybe shed a tear or two.




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