6 Ways to Make this a Meaningful Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend, and while we love showering dad with presents, we wanted to help make the day extra meaningful and memorable.


At Lovebox, we’re all about expressing how we feel and deepening our relationship with those we love, so we’ve compiled a few things to do with and for the father figures in our lives – those that are near or far, and those who may no longer be in our lives. 


We hope they bring a little extra joy to your family’s day. 


If your dad, grandfather, or father figure is near


 #1 Cook up dad’s favorite meal, together – Does your dad or father figure have a go-to recipe? The one he used to make when you were a kid or the one that reminds you most of him? Instead of making the meal for him, convince him to join you for some fun in the kitchen. Let him be the sous chef while you take the reign. 



#2 Play a game of 21 questions – Take the time to get to know dad a little deeper. What was he like when he was younger? Who was he friends with in high school? Becoming curious about your dad’s life will help provide a better understanding of the person he is, beyond just being Dad. You just might learn something you didn’t know! 



If your dad, grandfather, or father figure is far


 #3 Start a time capsule tradition – Record a video with a message to him, and have him do the same. You can share memories, what your most grateful for, or what he means to you. Then, have someone in your family save the videos in a secret spot. When Father’s Day comes around next year, watch the video messages. Once you’ve watched them, record a new set of videos for the following year! With each passing year, you’ll have created a special tradition that strengthens your relationship.



#4 Create a scavenger hunt by sending clues on Lovebox – Does your dad love games and riddles? Get creative by sending him on a scavenger hunt throughout his house to find a secret surprise. Use your Lovebox to send clues via text, drawings, and stickers. With every clue he receives, he can spin the heart to ask for the next one!



If your dad, grandfather, or father figure is no longer with you


#5 Gather your family for an in-person or zoom call – When everyone is together, share some of dad’s favorite memories to celebrate his life and what you each loved about him. Opening up with family is a great way to share any grief and honor his legacy.



#6 Write a letter to your child (or future child) – Write a letter to your kids to share stories about your dad and any lessons he may have passed on. If you don’t have kids yet, write the letter and save it for the future, as a way to pass on his wisdom to future generations.



No matter how you choose to celebrate, we hope the day is filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. 



Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Lovebox!

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