6 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day from a Distance

At Lovebox, celebrating holidays that allow us to show extra love to the people that matter most in our lives is one of our favorite things. That means Mother’s Day is especially close to our hearts!

We know how tough it might be for families who are separated from their moms or maternal figures right now, so we put together a list of a few, minimal-budget ways you can celebrate with Mom this weekend, no matter how far apart you might be. 

#1 Send her the Ingredients to her Favorite Brunch

You may not be able to make an elaborate spread for mom this year, but you can still make sure she indulges in some of her favorite foods. Order delivery from her favorite cafe, or go DIY style and have a delivery service send her the ingredients to the meal you would have made together. You’ll support a local grocery store in the process and ensure that Mom feels cared for, even from a distance. 

#2 Start a Book, Movie or Podcast at the Same Time

Is your mom really into true crime novels, comedic podcasts, or perhaps classic films? Sunday is the perfect day to start a new book, tv show, movie, or podcast that you can get into as a family. As you watch or listen, check-in with each other to discuss all the details. Set a recurring time to discuss your favorite moments and when you finish, celebrate by alternating who gets to pick the next one! 

#3 Make her a playlist

One of the best ways to convey how you feel is through music. Back in the day, that used to mean putting together a mixtape for the person you love – but today, it’s as easy as gathering your favorite songs on Spotify or Apple Music. Choose a theme or genre, or simply select a collection of songs that remind you of mom and the memories you share. Send it to her Sunday morning so she can listen to it all day long and whenever she misses you most.

#4 Start an Herb or Vegetable Garden  

The bond between you and your mom was a result of her nurturing you from a tiny seedling into the person you are today. What better way to celebrate that bond than planting a new set of seeds together and tending to your own gardens, separately, yet together. Pick a set of herbs or vegetables you want to grow, swap tips and tricks, and watch the fruits of your labor grow and thrive!

#5 A Donation in Her Name to a Local Charity

With so much happening in our world right now, perhaps the best way to make Mom’s day special is to contribute to a cause or community that’s near and dear to her heart. Whether it’s supporting a GoFundMe for the employees of her favorite local restaurant or donating to organizations working on the frontlines, choose something together that you both feel really connected to.

#6 Shower Her with Love on your Lovebox  

We couldn’t finish this list without, of course, sharing a way to make Mom’s day extra special through Lovebox. Take this time to send her a list of reasons you’re grateful for her and the qualities that make her special. We’ll also be releasing some limited edition Mother’s Day stickers you can share, or add your own flare by sending her a personalized drawing.

This day, like many of the others we’ve been recently experiencing, is about slowing down and appreciating the people around you who make life meaningful. There’s no act too small to show someone how much you value them – you never know when even a simple ‘I love you’ can make all the difference.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Lovebox!

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