10 Christmas Trending Gifts for Her!

It's time to start thinking about holiday gift shopping! Are you searching for cool gift ideas for your girlfriend? Finding a gift for your partner can be difficult. Most of the time, you don't want to break the bank, but you still want the present to be meaningful and special, just like her. When it comes to choosing the best gifts for your girlfriend, we understand the pressure is on! With so many trending custom personalized gifts to pick from, it can be difficult to find the best gifts she will love and also want to keep.

Keep in mind that it is not so much about the amount of money you've spent on the gift as it is about how thoughtful the gift is. The more effort and thought you put into your Christmas or new year gift, the more personalized it is, and the more your partner will value it. Here are 10 Christmas gift trends for your girlfriend:

1. Star Night Light

You always tell her to reach for the stars, with the  Star Night Light now she can. It is multifunctional; when the shade is removed, the light can serve as a projector, and if the shade is present, it can be used as a great night light. When you switch this night light to projector mode, it transforms into the 2022 equivalent of the glow-in-the-dark stars you used to stick on your ceiling as a kid. 

Star Night Light
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2. Custom Coffee Mug

Looking for a simple and cost-effective gift that is also useful? Get a custom coffee mug.  This item can be personalized, allowing you to highlight your girlfriend's personality as well as her unique style. Personalize a ceramic coffee mug with any picture and message you want.

Giving a personalized coffee mug is a lot like painting on a blank canvas. You will have complete control over what details the coffee cup should have and the way it should look afterward. Your partner will be reminded of you every time she sees these photos in the mug.

Personalized Coffee Mug
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3. A Lovebox

If you want to remind her every single day how much you adore her and how much she means to you, get her a Lovebox. A Lovebox is a gadget that is connected to an app. With this app, send sweet messages to the Lovebox, so she will know you're thinking of her.

A Lovebox is a perfect gift for individuals who are in long-distance relationships and do not see each other very often. If you and your partner live a long distance apart, get her a Lovebox!

Lovebox for lovers
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4. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the trending custom personalized gifts during holidays. You can find custom jewelry on Amazon that reflect your girlfriend's personality, style, or color preferences. Engrave your Christmas present with a special date, phrase, or word to make it all the more personal and unique. Giving personalized accessories is a symbol of love, admiration, or appreciation. When giving her something as special as customized jewelry, the sentiment is brought to the next level. It demonstrates the time and effort you put into the gift, this will remind her of you each time she wears it, and it makes a person feel special. 

Custom jewelry
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5. 2023 Live Life Beautifully Planner

Each year, Good Housekeeping's planner is a best-seller because it contains 176 pages of useful checklists, delectable recipes, and the best tricks and tips to live your best life ever. 365 days of motivation to wake up your life and focus on what really matters. Yearly and weekly perspectives from January 2023 to December 2023. It is one of the best new year gifts for her and one of the best Christmas gift trends now. It will help her manage her to-do list more efficiently and effortlessly throughout the year. 

Good Housekeeping
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6. DIY Gift Vouchers

Many people always prefer the gift of experience over trinkets as gift ideas, but without proper planning, this kind of gift can seem hurried and last-minute. Such DIY gift vouchers show that you've thought about the gift ahead of time. A Gift Voucher allows your girlfriend to purchase whatever she wants from a specific store. This freedom enables them to purchase what they truly require, whether it's shoes, a home renovation project, or a trip to a destination of their choice. And it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you gifted her well.

Gift voucher DIY
Image source: Pexels - Michelle Leman​​

7. The Mindful Collective Affirmation Cards

When it comes to love languages, nothing beats some affirmation words to make somebody feel truly special. That is why this oracle deck is best. If the special woman in your life needs a little boost of energy, she can always turn to her cards for wonderful words and also soak in all the love from herself whenever you are not around.

Mindful affirmations
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8. Fluffy Slippers

You can be both comfortable and fashionable. Your lady's feet will be warm, comfortable, and fancy thanks to the fluffy slippers. Get her some that are suitable for both inside and outside. 

Fluffy slippers
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9. A handbag

She will love carrying around a tote bag, whether she uses it when you two travel together, as a work tote, or as a lunch bag. It's versatile, considerate, and will undoubtedly be used

Fill it with her favorite wine and some flowers for extra points. 

Hand bag
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10. Perfume

Perfume is always a gift trend that is popular during Christmas. It's also an emotional gift. Gifting someone perfume proves that you have thought about her and what she might like. It's also something she will remember you by wearing every day. That is why giving your girlfriend a fragrance is a sign of affection.

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There are a lot of wonderful gifts available online, and most of them have that personalized touch you're searching for.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, Lovebox can assist you in expressing your love for your girlfriend by sending her daily affectionate messages.

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